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The Argentine Embassy at the Belize National Day

Belize, September 21

A diplomatic official from the Argentine Embassy was present this week at the "Diplomatic Briefing" that is offered each year by the Belize Minister of Foreign Affairs to the resident and concurrent diplomactic corps.

During the event, Mr. Elrington thanked Argentina, among other countries, for the South-Sotuh cooperation projects implemented last year, and asked all embassies to strengthen their cooperation.

Moreover, a...

The Cooperation Project in SMEs promotion keeps moving

Belize, September 9

Two experts from the Argentine Secretariat for Small and Medium Entreprises (SEPyME) travelled this week to Belize to resume with the trainings and technical assistance to BELTRAIDE staff in charge of Small and Medium Entreprise (SME) promotion in Belize.

During the five day mission, Argentine and Belizean officials worked together with different Belizean associations that want to be more skilled in their production, sales and marketing methods....

Ambassador Chuburu delivered aid to Belize after "Eearl"

Mexico City, 29 August

The Argentine Ambassador to Mexico met today with his counterpart from Belize and formally delivered 9 boxes with 68.200 purifying tablets that will be used to make drinkable 1.841.400 liters of water. According to Belizean authorities, this will help to supply safe water to 8.000 victims of hurricane "Earl" for one month.

The Belize Ambassador to Mexico, Oliver del Cid thanked specially appreciated this aid from Argentina and stressed...

The President took oath to Susana Malcorra as new Minister of Foreign Affairs

Buenos Aires, December 10

Mauricio Macri presided the ceremony where the new ministers took oath in the Grand Hall of the Bicentennial Museum.

Among the first to take oath was the new Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Argentine Republic, Susana Malcorra, who was presented as an "intelligent, strong and wise". He also said that she comes to "add her vision of international politics to this new time of change that we are about to begin".


Mauricio Macri is the new President of Argentina

Buenos Aires, December 10

The President Elect arrived in the Argentine Congress with Vice-President Gabriela Michetti. Both of them signed the Honour Book and went into the Lower Chamber, where he took oath as the 52nd President of the Argentine Nation.

Macri took oath this midday (Argentine timezone) before the Legislative Assembly and pronounced his first speech as President, where he stated that the three central guidelines of his tenure will be "zero poverty,...

A Tango Show in Belize for the first time

Belice City, November 28

More than 300 people at the Bliss Center enjoyed last 26 and 28 November a show of Leonardo D'Aquila and Antonia Lema that consisted in several numbers of what is called "stage tango". The two dancers explained to the audience the lower class origins of this typical Argentine dance, and improvised a number of Salon Tango, to show how it was danced in the middle of the XX Century.

The show by the "Argen-Mex" (Argentine-...

The Argentine Ambassador congratulated Mr. Barrow on his reelection

Mexico City, November 5

Patricia Vaca Narvaja sent this evening through the Belize Embassy to Mexico her congratulations to Prime Minister Dean O. Barrow on his victory at the General Elections held this week in Belize.

The Argentine Ambassador to Mexico and Belize greeted Prime Minister Barrow and conveyed the desire of the Argentine Government to keep on working to strengthening bilateral relations during the next tenure of Mr. Barrow.

The Argentine Ambassador met Minister Elrington

Belize City, September 17

Patricia Vaca Narvaja met Foreign Minister Elrington, in the context of the celebrations of Belize's National Day. During the event, they reviewed the bilateral agenda, with topics, such as South-South Cooperation, where both countries have been undertaking projects in tourism and SME promotion, or the presence of a Belizean diplomat in the Argentine Diplomatic Academy, and the recent approval of a Bilateral Cooperation Agreement between both...

Argentina at the Belize International Film Festival

Placencia, July 17

The film "The Games Maker" ("El inventor de juegos", 2014) of Juan Pablo Buscarini took part in the competition of the X Belize International Film Festival (BIFF), which was held in the city of Placencia (Belice) from the 17th to the 19th July this year, with the presence of 35 films from many different regions and countries, such as Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean.

Based on the novel of Argentina wrtiter Pablo de Santis...

Another phase of SMEs Cooperation Project ended this week

Buenos Aires, 5 June 2015

This time, two officials from BELTRAIDE, the Belizean body in charge of trade promotion visited Argentina to see in the field how associations in Argentina, a key tool for SME development.

The visit of one official from the Small Business Development Center (SBDC) and another one from BELTRAIDE trade promotion division allowed them to see a recycling cooperative unit in Buenos Aires Province, and another one involved in Digital TV content...


Internship for foreign Professionals

The Government of the City of Buenos Aires is hosting the "International Buenos Aires...

Argentina at the Dance Festival

Don't miss the Tango Shows at the Bliss Center (Belize City):

- Thursday 26th -...

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